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C3 Backing up your settings

1. How it works

Each time you click on Make live and/or change your site style or colour scheme, our system automatically does a backup (up to a maximum of 5). In addition, you can manually backup your site whenever you wish. This can be particularly handy before trying any changes to your site, especially styling and layout changes which are often a question of trial and error.

This is all controlled by clicking on Site management Backup/Restore in the admin system, where you will see a screen similar to this. The table Restore site from backup (the top bit) shows the default backups the system has done, as well as any manual backups you have done yourself.

To create your own backup, just enter a Reference and a Description in the respective fields and click on BACKUP. This will be added to your list of back-ups in the table. To restore a previous version, just click on the Restore icon next to the record you would like (the curly arrow). Please note, the system will save your manual back-ups indefinitely in addition to the 5 automatic versions.


2. Important notes

Images are not included in the backup, nor are image sets and any file uploads.

If you have more than 5 autosaves, then any older than a week may be deleted, so you should manually back up any settings that you wish to store long-term.

All in all, it’s a very straightforward process and one we do recommend, especially when you are trying new things with the system.

3. Clearing style settings

If you have just been working on your style settings - which is pretty much anything to do with fonts, colours, layouts, etc (anything in Styling Custom styles and Preview edit) - you are able to i. Clear your style setting since you last logged in; or ii. Clear all of the style settings on your site (so only do this if you are 100% sure what all of your syle settings are!).

To do this, go to Styling Custom styles By clicking RESTORE SETTINGS, the system will restore your site to the settings you had when you last logged in. By clicking on CLEAR SETTINGS, you will clear all of the style settings you have ever made – so only use this if you are 100% sure you want them ALL cleared!


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